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Issues and Resources


There is a shortage of screened Foster Parents and Places of Safe Care in the Roodepoort area.  Traumatised, neglect and abused children must, in most cases, be removed from the care they were in when the abuse happened.  At Child Welfare South Africa, Roodepoort, we need Places of Safe Care (temporarily) until the Court Hearing has been dealt with.  After finalisation of court proceedings these children will need more long term care in the form of screened Foster Parents.  It is a huge responsibility to take care of someone else’s child, but we need families who will open their doors for children who did not ask to be abused, neglect or traumatised.  This is a direct service you render to that specific child in order to give him/her the warm loving family he/she never experienced.  This office will assist you with any queries regarding becoming a Place of Safe Care or a Foster Parent.  We will train you to understand the developmental phases of a child’s life as well as how to deal with a child who is in need of care and protection.  Foster parents do receive a monthly grant to assist with the extra expenses.

This office is in desperate need of professionals who would be willing to offer their services on interval to assist those in need.  We currently require the following professional services: 

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Play Therapy and child assessments
  • Medical assessments
  • Dentistry
  • Optometry

Legal assistance
The people we work with lost all sense of self and we are building their self-image bit by bit.  Some have worked hard just to make ends meet and especially the women almost never spend money on their appearance.  We are in desperate need to obtain clothing and hair products (even a haircut) to assist the parents to feel presentable.  Some parents visit their children in children’s homes and do not want to embarrass the child with their appearance. 
DSD (Department of Social Development) assists with funding of our social work staff, but we have to fundraise in order to have the finances to embark on projects and other work with our clients and in the community.  We solely rely on community contributions so that we can assist those in need.  Any financial contribution will be appreciated and we are able to issue you with a 18A Tax Certificate.  We keep good record and will be able to report back to all sponsors with beneficiary lists proving that your valuable contribution did reach those it was intended for.
Resources needed:
Here at Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoort, we never ask for anything to enrich ourselves.  We only ask to be able to help those in need.  I trust that this website has given you a background of the work we do, how we do it and the passion we do it with.  However… we need help to survive and for others to survive as well.  Read through our list and see where you could become part of our work, where you can help and how you can contribute.  Please remember that no donation is too small. 

  • Non-perishable food to make up basic food parcels:  This is sometimes all people have to live off – a survival kit – and your contribution could be the lifeline of a family in need
  • Baby formula:  We try to keep families together and will rather assist with the feeding needs as far as possible.  Babies who are removed from parents seldom remember their parents.  They are too small to know what is happening and who the parents are.  They tend to grow attached to the Foster Parents  and that makes it difficult to reunite them later with their families of origin.  A tin of baby formula can prevent the removal of a baby from the care of his/her parents.
  • Warm clothing and shoes for that cold winters days
  • Bedding and blankets to keep little bodies warm
  • Disposable baby nappies:  no, it is not a luxury as most of our clients do not even have the facility to wash the normal toweling nappies    
  • Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, toothbrushes, roll-on, deodorant, cream and Vaseline – just to keep parents, who lost everything, to still feel acceptable
  • Soft toys:  The staff try and hand each traumatised child a soft toy as comfort.  This toy is mostly all they have ever owned and makes the     transition to a children’s home or new family so much easier

The office of Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoort, cannot deliver their professional services without the following office equipment.  Again, just to confirm, it is not a list of luxuries, but rather a list of what is needed to investigate and present cases to court to enable children to become safe in their alternative placements.  It also assists in making the office a homely and safe space for the children.

  •        Copy paper
  •        Stationary
  •        Office furniture
  •        Soap
  •        Toilet paper
  •        Hand towels
  •        Disinfectant hand soap
  •        Blue file covers
  •        Milk
  •        Curtains
  •        Paint
  •        Pot plants
  •        Hand puppets
  •        Laptops
  •        Digital camera
  •        Memory sticks
  •        Empty CD’s for storing data/photos/back-ups
  •        Digital projector and screen for presentations and training of families
  •        Garden tools
  •        DVD machine to show educational dvd’s to children and families
  •        Microwave
  •        Kettle
  •        Scatter cushions
  •        Used cell phones to ensure the safety of our staff when out on home visits